Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Topics

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Emotional Intelligence is now recognized as one of the most powerful indicators for success in any business.

  • Learn how to work more effectively, even with challenging personalities.
  • Understand how emotions can interfere with healthy workplace dynamics when they are not managed properly.
  • Identify the emotionally intelligent traits of successful leaders.

Using Emotional intelligence in healthcare

There is a growing body of evidence that suggest emotional intelligence influences patient outcomes and organizational success.

  • Identify the traits of emotionally intelligent healthcare providers and support staff. 
  • Learn how to use emotional intelligence during a patient exam and help each patient feel respected and understood.

the emotionally intelligent interview

A poor hiring will affect your bottom line. You waste time, energy, and money. Finding the right person isn’t always easy. You may find candidates for the position that have similar skills and education, but how do you know they will fit into the culture of your business and be able to perform well?

  • Learn how to ask specific, emotionally intelligent questions that give insight to a candidate’s resilience, self-awareness, initiative, and assertiveness in the workplace.
  • Understand body language and what it communicates during the interview.
  • Learn how to feel more confident when making a final decision.

resiliency in the workplace

It’s challenging to show resilient behavior when stress from home and work are combined. “Bouncing back” from setbacks becomes more difficult when there are layers of stressors. A lack of resiliency impacts all areas of work.

  • Learn how to identify specific forms of stress at work.
  • Become more aware of how stress is impacting resiliency and decision-making.
  • Learn 10 tips to become more resilient in all environments.