LM Consulting provides training sessions on up-to-date topics that influence the day-to-day interactions parents, teachers and administrators have with children.


Parenting Seminars

Raising a Resilient Child

Every parent wants their child to be able to weather life’s storms, small and large.  The seven key traits that promote resilient behavior and encourage a resilient mindset will be discussed.  Parents will learn specific things they need to be doing now to encourage resilient behavior

What your child really needs to know to go to Kindergarten

Parents of soon-to-be kindergarten students will learn the seven key social and emotional traits that will help their child be successful in school.

Building Emotional Intelligence in Children

What are the real factors that help children become successful in school, develop healthy relationships, and manage social situations well?  Parents will learn what the emotional intelligence research says about which traits help children to become successful in all areas and how they can encourage those traits.

A well behaved child is not the result of luck.
— Sal Severe, Ph.D.

How to Behave So YouR Child Will Too!

Parents will identify specific parenting style characteristics that have positive and negative impact on the behaviors in the home and at school.  The three key factors to a peaceful home environment will be discussed.

Bully-Proof Your Child

Parents will be given specific recommendations on how they can encourage three bully-proofing traits in their child that helps them to not become a bully or a victim and to be able to stand up for others being bullied.

Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say!

Parents will learn the four reasons children misbehave and how to respond to those behaviors with specific techniques and logical consequences.