Low status individuals who enjoy little authority or influence are not nearly as emotionally contagious as individuals who occupy positions of leadership
— William Powell


Administrators & Department Heads

Interpersonal Leadership Styles

Superintendents, principals, guidance counselors and other leaders within the school district will benefit from this highly interactive seminar that helps determine your unique leadership style. Participants will not only learn their style but also identify ways to adjust their style to better communicate and work together with other styles.

Communicate Effectively With Anyone!

Learn how to deal with challenging parents, difficult students and demanding teachers without losing your cool!  Effective communication techniques will be learned so you communicate with assertive, aggressive and passive communicators.

Emotionally Intelligent Principals

Principals can be more effective in all of their job related duties by having a high emotional intelligence.  In this unique seminar, principals will learn how emotional intelligence characteristics can help them with decision- making, problem solving, and creating positive relationships with teachers, students and parents.