Teachers’ moods, emotions, and overall dispositions can have a powerful impact on job performance, decision-making, creativity, turnover, teamwork and leadership.
— William Powell


Professional Development  for Teachers

Emotionally Intelligent Teaching

In this unique seminar, teachers discuss the definition of emotional intelligence, learn what characteristics help make their students successful and identify simple methods to incorporate emotionally intelligent lessons within their curriculum.

The ABC’s of Teaching

Teachers will identify how their attitudes, behaviors and consistency impacts learning.  Teachers will collaborate with grade level partners on ways to better meet the needs of their students.

Behaviors, Behaviors, Behaviors

Teacher can spend a significant amount of time putting out “fires” in their classroom by trying to manage unruly, difficult and challenging behaviors.  Teachers will learn the four basic needs of all students in their classroom and how unmet needs can turn into behavior issues.  Rudolf Dreikur’s “four goals of misbehavior” will be identified and suggestions for logical consequences for the most common classroom behaviors will be made.

Bully-Proof Your Classroom

Teachers will learn how to embed three different types of activities into their curriculum that help to prevent bullying behavior in their classrooms.  The social dynamics associated with bullying will also be addressed.

Helping Children Weather Life’s Storms

The seven key traits that promote resilient behavior will be identified, along with activities that promote these traits.